Understanding When to Visit a Vet Clinic in Alexandria

Most people realize that their pets need to visit the vet from time to time, but not everyone knows just how often they need these visits. Here are some tips for when to bring your dog or cat into a Vet Clinic in Alexandria.

Kittens and Puppies Under One Year Old

These youngsters will need to visit the vet about every 4 weeks until they’re about 4 months old to get all their shots and they typically need a checkup at about 6 months, which is also a good time to get them either neutered or spayed.

Adult Cats and Dogs

Adult animals typically need yearly visits for checkups and to look into any potential issues. They may also need updates on their shots or certain vaccines during this time, and yearly visits make sure that these are delivered at the appropriate times. Mention any problems the pet may be having, and bring in a stool sample if you’d like to have the pet tested for parasites.

Senior Pets

As pets get older, they tend to have more health issues, so they usually need to visit a Vet Clinic in Alexandria more often. Bring your pet in at least twice a year once they reach an age of 7 or 10 years, depending on which breed the pet is. Common problems in older pets include arthritis, kidney disease, and liver or thyroid problems. Some breeds also have a genetic predisposition to certain health conditions, which the vet can watch for.

Warning Signs

Besides regular checkups at the times noted above, there are certain warning signs that merit a visit to a vet clinic for checking out. These include changes in eating or drinking habits, having trouble breathing or trouble with balance, unusual behavior, a lack of energy, vomiting, or changes to their stool. Having a rash, hair problems, red or irritated eyes, or showing signs of experiencing pain also indicate a need to bring the pet to the vet for an examination.

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