Understanding Your Rights In Houston Wage And Hour Law Cases

Houston Wage and Hour Law Cases are handled by Filteau and Sullivan. This law firm provides legal advice to employees who believe that they were treated wrongfully by their employers. The attorneys within this firm are familiar with laws that apply to employees and their wages. To learn more about the employee litigation process you may contact these attorneys directly to schedule a consultation.

Wage and Hour Violations

Employers who condone unethical business practices by management staff or payroll departments place themselves in actionable territory. Any employee who is not paid according to government labour laws has the right to file a claim against their employer to seek compensation for lost wages due to these practices.

Unfortunately, it is not always the employer themselves that make these errs in judgement. In some cases, it is a direct manager that falsely reports his or her employees hours based on company issues labour allowances Managers which participate in these illegal activities may do so to secure a bonus at a later time. Unfortunately, this means that the employee will not receive wages for unreported hours and may need to secure a time sheet to prove that he or she worked.

It is the Law

Employers who fail to reprimand their management staff for these unethical practices may be included in the lawsuit based upon a failure to remedy the issue. In most cases, it is the direct employer or business owner who finds themselves in hot water and not just simply the manager in question. However, in some instances, if the business owner conducts research, he or she may find evidence of these practices and remedy the problem outside of a court room.


Houston Wage and Hour Law Cases encompass cases in which the rights of employees were violated by their employers. This could include a failure to pay adequate wages based on hours worked or reduced pay based on unethical business practices. Lawyers who practice within this legal field may additionally provide guidance for employees seeking compensation due to unfair job loss. If you require these services, you should contact your preferred attorney from The Law Offices of Filteau & Sullivan immediately to file a claim.

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