Understanding Your Rights With The Help Of Divorce Lawyers In Davenport, IA

Divorce Lawyers in Davenport, IA provide advice in divorce and child custody proceedings. These attorneys present you with a wealth of options and allow you to determine which type of divorce you intend to file. He or she will additionally explain what you should expect from your spouse based on the terms of your divorce. Your attorney will prepare you for the upcoming events and enable you to prepare your children for the potential heartbreak that is associated with these legal proceedings.

Understanding Your Rights:


The common language presented in a divorce agreement warns against harassment and other probabilities associated with this action. When your spouse receives the divorce papers, he or she is restricted by this agreement from contacting you directly. If you have experienced domestic violence or consistent arguments within your marriage, this term protects you from additional abuse. Unless you have an alternative agreement with your spouse, he or she is in contempt of court if these rules are not followed.

Child and Spousal Abuse

A protection order is a legally binding contract enforced by the court to prevent anyone from hindering the welfare of a child or spouse. The judge utilizes a protection order to prevent harm and to stop abuse. Typically, the protection order is enacted after a spouse is found guilty of dangerous behaviors. This may include evidence of child abuse or domestic violence. The offending spouse may have been arrested for these actions prior to the filing of the divorce. These actions are included in the protection order and will affect the terms of the divorce.

Mental Health and Counseling

If your spouse has a problem with addiction or is violent, you may include anger management counseling or drug and alcohol treatment as a term within the divorce agreement. The judge may allow this inclusion as a stipulation for visitation. This addition will prevent any potential risks to your child’s welfare. In some cases, the judge may allow the custodial parent to monitor the progress of his or her former spouse to ensure that this condition is met.

In conclusion, divorce attorneys advise you of your rights in divorce proceedings. He or she can assist you in acquiring protection orders and enforcement of the divorce agreement. Your attorney will ensure that your rights, and those of your children are protected during and after your divorce.

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