Unique Applications for Customized Landscape Lighting in Roswell, GA

Landscape lighting comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and wattages. This flexibility allows you to totally transform the look of your property at night, creating an entirely different feel than what your house looks like during the day. To achieve this goal, there are some especially unique applications for which you can utilize landscape lighting in Roswell, GA. To ignite your creativity, here are just a few suggestions.

Highlight Unexpected Property Features
Landscape lighting is commonly used to highlight certain architectural features of a home. It’s also often used to provide uplighting on a tree, allowing the unique shape of the limbs and trunk to add beauty to the night landscape. If you want your home to truly stand out at night, though, you can use landscape lightingin Roswel,l GA, to highlight some unexpected and unique features on your property. Perhaps it’s a large boulder that has been in your front yard as long as your home has existed. Perhaps it’s a worn and weathered wooden privacy fence. Whatever it is, as long as it has interesting textures and shapes, it’s sure to add character and interest to your night landscape.

Change the Color
Though white light is the most common type of light used in ordinary landscape lighting, no one says your landscape lighting has to be ordinary. By using lights of different colors, you can create a totally different mood and personality, even changing these colors using different-colored gels. For example, if you have a water feature you want to highlight, you can utilize yellow lighting to make the water sparkle as if sunlight is shining through it. Given the limitless amount of colors available, you can let your imagination run wild.

To learn more about unique landscape lighting options, contact Service First Landscapes.

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