Until the Justice System Changes, the Commercial Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County Continues

Most people who have been arrested are supposed to have the right to pretrial release, either on their recognizance or with the payment of cash bail. Unfortunately, many men and women effectively lose this right because bail is set too high for them to afford. The commercial Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County provides a solution for these defendants.

Pleading Guilty

Without the option for bail bonds, which are not allowed in all states, defendants may give up their right to a fair trial because they are so anxious to be released. The trial might not be on the docket for weeks, and many individuals simply cannot wait that long without their lives completely unraveling. It seems better to plead guilty in a plea bargain.

A Point of Discrimination

Civil rights advocates cite the bail system as just another point of discrimination against poor and low-income U.S. residents. Wealthier defendants pay bail and are released; their bail is returned when the case ends. People without any savings must pay for a bail bond or stay behind bars. Texas is one of the states seeing strong pressure from these advocates to end cash bail altogether.

Possible Alternatives

Men and women deemed to be a significant flight risk or a potential danger to society might be held without bail. Defendants who would normally be released on bail could be given their freedom without the monetary payment. They might be required to check in with the court on a schedule and follow typical terms of probation. Another solution for some individuals would be monitoring with ankle bracelets. Since none of these bail alternatives is yet available to any widespread degree in the state, defendants still need to learn about the commercial Bail Bonds Process in Tarrant County.

Concluding Thoughts

Some of these methods are being tried in other jurisdictions with noteworthy success. It is becoming clear that the concept of bail being required to stop people from running away is relatively useless. A very high percentage of men and women released without bail appear at all their scheduled court dates. For now, anyone who needs assistance with pretrial release may Visit us at Vaughn’s Cowtown Bail Bonds.

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