Upper West Side Luxury Condos in NYC Like No Other

We have heard all the cliches about living in New York City. How the apartments are tiny but still cost an arm and a leg. But what if there were a better situation available and right in the heart of the Upper West Side of the city?

If you have been looking at Upper West Side luxury condos in NYC, then look no further than Charlotte of the Upper West Side. There is a difference between apartments presented as luxurious and those that are actually luxurious. Find out that difference.

Master Suites

What separates Upper West Side luxury condos in NYC from the rest of the real estate out there is the available master suites. These condos have been constructed to ensure maximum privacy from the other bedrooms in the home.

They have thermal insulation, triple-paned glass that ensures privacy. The spacious room and huge windows allow for sprawling views of this legendary city that can provide a feeling and experience like no other.

Open Floor Plans

In the main part of the condo, the open floor plan can really make for an elegant experience. The space flows seamlessly from one part of the condo to the next, allowing for the space to have a huge, open feel.

Despite the open floor plan, there is still the capability of having the necessary separation of rooms that you desire. All to create a beautiful, luxurious look that screams high-end.

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