Using Bathroom Supply Products For A Remodeling Project

If someone is interested in having their bathroom remodeled to make it appear larger, there are several areas that can be changed using new products to increase the visual appearance of space. Small bathrooms can make a person feel claustrophobic. Using some of the following steps when selecting Bathroom Supply products can help take away the feeling of being enclosed in a small space.

Change The Cabinetry
Instead of using an under the sink cabinet, an open plumbing style will increase the amount of wall and floor space seen in the room. Instead, bathroom cabinets can be placed at eye level to break up the monotony of plain walls. This will divert the eyes upward, making the room feel as if it is taller as a result.

Ditch The Shower Curtain
A shower curtain can make a bathroom feel smaller as there is space behind it not viewed as a portion of the space in the room. Instead of using a shower curtain a person can swap it for a glass shower enclosure. This will open the room up tremendously.

Add Some Mirrors
Placing mirrors in a small bathroom will make it appear much larger as the reflection will give the appearance of added space. Place a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. Add mirrored tiles both on floors and walls. Swap a regular cabinet for a mirror-faced one instead.

Use Lighter Colouring
Dark colours will not reflect light, making a room feel shadowy and small. White walls will make a room appear bright, allowing the eyes to gaze upon many more features in the room. White can be a bit much if lighting is bright in the room, so opting for an off-white, beige, or tan colour is recommended.

Add New Light Fixtures
Placing sconces or wall lamps can help make a room brighter, adding to the feeling of space. Overhead lights direct the light toward the floor. A combination of both will make a room feel much more expansive.

If someone is looking for more ways to increase the feeling of space in a bathroom, they can check out web pages like They would be able to search through selections of bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, and other Bathroom Supply choices that would enhance the room while making it feel bigger.

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