Using Glass Mosaic Tiles in Manhattan Home Projects

Glass mosaic tiles are like the name implies. They are sheets of glass mosaic, usually small pieces of glass tiles mounted on 12 inch squares. They give an appearance that is not achievable with conventional ceramic or porcelain tiles. Glass mosaic tiles in Manhattan can give a dramatic appearance to any room. This is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Uses for Glass Mosaic Tiles

The glass mosaic tiles can be used in both homes and modern commercial buildings. The tiles are resistant to natural elements like frost, sunlight, and water so they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition to that, glass mosaic tiles are easy to clean and durable enough for any high use area. They can give a dramatic look to any room while still serving a purpose.

So what are some of the applications for glass mosaic tiles? The most popular use for these tiles is as a kitchen backsplash or wall. The colors and mosaic pattern can really bring an average kitchen to life. Another area of common use for the glass mosaic tiles is in the bathroom. Again the common use is as a backsplash or wall. The glass helps capture the light in such a way as to accent the features of the glass tile perfectly.

Some designers can take it a step further and create their own one of a kind designs with glass mosaic tiles. The pieces can be purchased individually and placed into a custom and unique design. This results in a one of a kind masterpiece as an accent for any room.

Cost of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles should typically be used as an accent to any room. The cost of glass mosaic tiles is significantly more that the cost of ceramic or porcelain tiles. Now it is still possible to save money if purchases are made in larger quantities. Getting a great deal on glass mosaic tiles Manhattan area is very possible when purchasing direct from the manufacturer.

Normally the cost of glass mosaic tiles is around $30 per square foot. There are a few manufacturers that sell direct to consumers and can offer prices closer to $20 per square foot. A few of the manufacturers even ship direct to customers. Even with the cost of shipping it can still be a better deal than purchasing from a home improvement store, especially if purchasing for a larger remodeling project.

There are a lot of great things about glass mosaic tiles. They serve two purposes. Glass mosaic tiles are both pretty in design as well as practical in purpose. They are not something that has to be carefully taken care of. For a dramatic look for a remodeling project, a glass mosaic tile can often be the perfect answer.

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