Using Onyx Dealers in Lawrence, KS to Redo the Bathroom

One of the updates to homes that tend to have a relatively high return on investment is redoing the bathroom. Contacting one of the onyx dealers in Lawrence KS can help homeowners to accomplish this.

Among the more popular bathroom updates is adding deluxe showers. Instead of just hanging a shower head over the bathtub, many homeowners are now adding separate showers. These can be designed with the help on onyx dealers in Lawrence KS, such as Capital City Flooring Inc. These dealers sell shower bases, shower kits, shower drains, shower doors and wall panels. They can also help homeowners customize their showers even further with accessories, such as grab bars, caddies, and shower seats.

Once a homeowner has designed their new shower, they can work with onyx dealers in Lawrence KS to design a lavatory to match. People with larger bathrooms may want to design a lavatory that has double sinks while those trying to fit everything they need into a small space may benefit from a corner sink instead. The sink can even be offset in the counter to give a larger space on one side for putting toiletries or other items and make it more functional.

People are also leaning toward bathroom designs that are easy to use and those that contain features that make it so people can continue to safely use the bathroom as they get older and have more mobility issues. These features include things like grab bars by toilets and showers, shower seats, and curbless showers, all of which help limit the risk of tripping and falling. Use levers instead of knobs for faucets, and make sure the floor is slip-resistant to make the bathroom even more accessible.

While many different color options are available for Onyx products, white is a timeless option that never goes out of style, making it a good choice for people worried about the potential resale value of their home in the future if they opt for trendy colors. Using dark grout, such as black or gray, gives it a more modern look and limits the risk it will look dirty or moldy, which can be a problem when using white grout.

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