Using the Better Business Bureau to Find Roof Repair in Colorado Springs, CO Contractors

by | Sep 17, 2013 | Roofing

Your home is your biggest investment. Without a good roof, your investment dwindles because of damage and decay. Take your time choosing a roofing contractor. When you need Roof Repair in Colorado Springs, CO you need to check to see that the contractor is in good graces with the Better Business Bureau (BBB.)

The Accreditation Advantage

There are many advantages to choosing a roofer accredited by the BBB for your New Roof or to repair your old one. Although the state of Colorado does not require roofing contractors to have BBB accreditation in order to stay in business, those that have it prove that they are capable of professionalism, service and competence. The BBB’s accreditation standards are strict. If a roofer can meet that year after year, it proves that he or she is an exceptional roofer.

Double Checking for Accreditation

Most roofing contractors have a website or business cards. They may claim that they are accredited with the Better Business Bureau. It’s best to double check with your local BBB’s website to make sure that this is true. You also want to check that the roofer has not recently lost accreditation.

Using the Website

Once you get onto the BBB’s homepage, look for the “For Consumers” tab. Click on it. Click on “Check a Business or Charity.” Type in the roofing contractor’s business name if you already know of one. You can also enter the URL of the contractor’s website or telephone number if you are unsure of the actual company name. If you are just starting your search, type in “roofers” and your city and ZIP code. You will then receive a list of BBB accredited and non-accredited roofers that service your area.

Read the BBB Reviews

Only BBB accredited businesses have public reports available online about them. Take the time to look through these reports. They give the roofer a grade rating and an explanation for why the roofer got the grade he or she did. It is common for even Grade A businesses to have a couple of complaints lodged against them in the last two years.

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