Vehicle lettering is smart business

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Automotive

Years ago owners of commercial vehicles would hire a local sign painter and have the companies name and perhaps the address and telephone number painted on the two doors of the cab. That, along with the odd advertisement in the local newspaper to tell of some special was about the extent of advertising.

Things are different today; vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX is now done with vinyl lettering that can be applied anyway on the vehicle, including the entire body. There is no surface that cannot be wrapped in vinyl.

A vehicle wrap is considered a very practical way of advertising. The vehicles used for delivery and service are on the road many hours of every day and statistics say that a wrapped vehicle will been seen up to 70,000 times every day. To get that kind of exposure any other way would take a TV advertisement or a roadside billboard; however, these are usually for short lived campaigns as they are very expensive.

Vinyl vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX is even used on police cars, fire vehicles and ambulances.

The most popular application is using as a form of mobile advertising on company vehicles. The vehicle continues to carry on with its main tasks; all the while the vinyl wrap is turning heads. When the cost is compared to the number of views it receives it is actually quite an effective form of advertising. The design possibilities are endless, anything from the most basic vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX all the way to an exotic work of art, bound to draw attention. The options are only limited by the imagination of the company owner.

It is not just vehicles that can be turned into effective advertising. Vinyl signs and lettering can be applied to bus windows, shop windows or any other applicable surface; the material will fit on practically any shape.

Although we don’t like to think of the protection services as needing advertising, indeed they do. Although the police are under the watchful eye of a government agency, this is not the case with ambulances and para-medics. These services are quite often private businesses and they use the vehicles to advertise this fact. There is a common denominator so that the service is recognizable, but the name of the associated clinic or service is not.

Branding is a very important tool in advertising. A company which desires to become a household word must use all available resources to become known by their brand, their logo. When this branding is used on every available medium, from corporate business cards, to the Internet web site to the sides of company vehicles, it does not take long to drive the brand across. All of this can be accomplished when vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX is part of the program.

Effective advertising starts with vehicle lettering in Watauga, TX and for that experts can be found at Sunray Customs. For more information, visit Sunray Customs online.

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