Vehicle registration in Pennsylvania made easy

There are a host of general requirements for vehicle registration in Philadelphia. If you follow the rules precisely, you will not encounter any problems, and you will be able to complete the procedure quickly and with no hick-ups.

First registration: If you have just moved to Pennsylvania from out of state, or you have just purchased a car or had a car given to you as a gift you have 20 days to complete the registration. You will need to provide the following if you are a new resident of the state:

* The title to your vehicle

* Proof that you have Pennsylvania insurance

* Photo identification

* A tracing of the vehicle identification number

* If the car has a lien against it, a document giving the lien holders name, address and contact number

Insurance: For you to register your vehicle, you will have to prove that you are insured and that the coverage is adequate. The least-expensive insurance that is allowed by the state is liability insurance. It is recommended that you talk to an agent to determine the minimums that may apply to your particular situation.

Supporting documents: if your car was bought in Pennsylvania, the dealer will prepare everything that is required by PennDOT to get it registered. All you have to do is visit a vehicle service center with the proof of insurance, pay the fee and get the registration. If this is not your situation, then you will need to provide supporting documentation, which includes the vehicle title, proof of insurance, form MV1, form MV-4ST if the vehicle is used and form MV-904 if you are applying for a special plate. It may be necessary for you to submit the vehicle for an emissions test.

The fees: For first-time vehicle registration in Philadelphia, the fee is $36. If you are retired, still drive and meet certain qualifications, the fee is reduced to $10.

License plates: When you visit PennDOT with all the required documents, you will be given your license plate on the spot as long as you are happy with the standard plate. However, if your application is for a personalized license plate, sometimes called a vanity plate, you will have to pay an additional fee of $20 and wait for perhaps 2 to 3 months for your plate to be delivered. You will also be given your tag stickers, which must be fixed to the correct area on the plate.

Registration tax deduction: There are certain instances where the fees for vehicle registration in Philadelphia can be claimed as a legitimate expense for tax purposes. These instances can be somewhat complicated, and it is suggested you consult with your tax attorney for clarification.

For vehicle registration in Philadelphia you can log-on to Imperial and from there you can have them arrange your vehicle registration, tags and any other drivers licensing needs.


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