Vernon NJ Web Design Professionals Can Create a Website with Key Elements

by | Jul 16, 2013 | Internet Marketing

You ever notice how some websites are easier to navigate than others? That’s because they include key elements that allow users to easily browse through the site and access other pages. Although some websites have cool graphics, they are nothing more than visual appeal. If website is in need of an overhaul, Vernon NJ web design professionals can take it to a new level. Here are some elements that should be incorporated in your website.

Links should be incorporated into a website. They serve many purposes, such as taking potential customers to a contact us page or taking them to a different place on the website that has more information. Links must be carefully designed, as they have four stages: normal, visited, active and hover. They should also be easy to find and not hidden against a dark background.

Forms are often overlooked, but they’re one of the only ways to convert website visitors into customers. The most important things to consider when creating a form are the purpose and the labeling of information. People are sometimes reluctant to give out personal information online, so be prepared to state why the information is important. For example, a phone number is needed to call the client with pricing information. By labeling the fields properly and making it easy to input information, potential customers will be more likely to fill out the form. If there are issues, the customer will give up and try elsewhere – perhaps with a competitor.

Error Messages
After performing an action – such as clicking a link or submitting a form – there should be some end result. If the action was done improperly, there should be an error message letting the visitor know. It can be frustrating spending time filling out a form only to find out that the company never received it and there was no error message explaining the reasoning. Therefore, it helps to be prepared for any issues that can occur while a customer is visiting the website. Vernon NJ web design professionals can help create appropriate messaging.

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