Vertical Wall Gardening Transforming New York Architecture, Urban Appeal

Imagine cascading ferns turning a resting space into a soothing backdrop. The idea blending vegetable life into the scenery should stir any green thumb into action. Plants with vitality thrive the best if one plans on putting together a vertical wall garden as a New York inhabitant.

Aeroponic supported architectural design is on the rise – a trend that will more than likely continue. Wall planters save space. They’re ergonomic, efficient, and exude ultramodern sophistication fit for the urban setting – stuffy and humid environments included. Here are some tips and things to know before installing the living masterpiece.

Things to Consider

Just like real estate, location makes the difference. As most know, plants need light, air, and care. Pick an area that’s well ventilated, and captures a fair amount of daylight. Find the balance between sun and shade. Being an expert gardener isn’t as important as having a basic understanding of sympathy among species. Certain types grow better with others. That’s just one of nature’s beautiful quirks.

Benefits to Growing Vertically

It’s a rather simple system that gives each plant more room per square than most other known systems. The method goes back to ancient Babylon as the “Hanging Gardens” were considered a world wonder. For those planning to build their own vertical wall garden in New York, this is one ancient art to emulate. Not to mention lower cost expenditure versus more traditional methods. Sturdy frames, with quality models constructed from wood, complements each row of hanging produce.

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