Veterans Benefits Attorney

Returning after a tour of duty overseas with an injury is tough business. Throw in the turbulent and murky world of VA hospitals, and you have a hot mess on your hands. In some cases, veterans have been forced to wait up to 18 months before receiving treatment for their injuries overseas. Treatment can be anything from attending to shrapnel wounds to reconstructive surgery on a limb to receiving mental support for PTSD. For some, this length of time is too much. By the time the system gets around to them, it may be too late.

Perhaps the worst-case scenario is after you’ve waited and waited– only to be told that your disability benefits claims are denied. A Jackson & MacNichol veterans benefits attorney in Alabama stands ready to fight for those veterans who have been denied disability benefits claims. We thank you for your service and want to help you re-integrate back into society.

As one of the top disability claims attorneys in Alabama, we understand what’s needed to ensure a stable and secure life after coming home. Disability compensation can range from that for physical disability – including traumatic brain injury – or for psychological injuries such as PTSD or emotional stress.

We understand that all you’re looking for is some kind of compensation from the country for which you sacrificed so much. We stand ready to work diligently to ensure that you receive everything you deserve.

We have many years of experience helping other returning veterans who also struggled with receiving their benefits. As VA disability compensation lawyers, we understand the ins and outs of the entire legal process and will use our knowledge to help you. Contact a veterans benefits attorney in Alabama today to take the first step on the road toward healing. Call Jackson & MacNichol Law Offices by visiting our website at We look forward to hearing from you.

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