Vets and Pentax Scopes

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Health And Fitness

When talking about endoscopes, you think of things that are put into your body. It’s never really put to thought that perhaps these same Pentax scopes are used for animals as well. Vets use endoscopes to investigate what’s going on within an animal’s body. The biggest problem that animals have is that they can’t communicate with vets about what’s going on with them. Doing any kind of surgery with animals is a big risk to take, but vets are required to do something to find out what’s going on. Pentax Scopes enable them to do just that.

Vets are able to do less invasive procedures than before. Pentax scopes are a part of that new ability. Pet owners are always on the lookout for their pets. They want to be sure that whatever problems are going on can be resolved without a lot of recovery time. Endoscopes do just that. Pentax scopes have a flexible or rigid tube, depending on the procedure, and have a light on the end to illuminate the area that the vet is trying to see. Sometimes the eyepiece will have additional medical equipment, including a special video camera to allow viewing of the exam or procedure, as well as a recording.

Vets use Pentax scopes for many procedures that once required a lot of invasive surgery that meant more recovery time for pets. Some of the procedures are: laparoscopy, arthroscopy, bronchoscopy, cystoscopy, and enteroscopy.  Not only are they able to do these procedures but also remove things from an animal’s stomach.

Another great thing is that they are able to spay female dogs without being an invasive procedure. These Pentax scopes enable vets to do that. If your pet is signed up for an endoscopic procedure, it is minimally invasive and complications are rare. Anesthesia is not as needed as for invasive procedures, but it is still used. Some vets talk about the awe of endoscopy and how much of a difference they see in recovery and patient happiness.

There are still some great breakthroughs coming and some of the most recent breakthroughs included some new surgical treatments. Pentax scopes make these procedures possible. If you are a vet and looking to expand your endoscopy skills, there will be a lot of chances as time goes on to learn new treatments using Pentax scopes.

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