Wall Safes vs. Free Standing Safes: Staten Island Security Guide

There’s no doubt that a home safe is one of the best ways to keep your possessions protected from thieves and disasters. Both wall safes and free standing safes offer benefits that ultimately keep your priceless belongings safe from burglary, flooding, fire and other devastating situations. There are a number of features that you should look for when shopping for safes in Staten Island. Staten Island offers a plethora of impressive features that make each of these options a smart choice for homeowners. Learn more about wall and free standing safes and which is better for the safety of your items.

More About Wall Safes
One of the most valuable benefits of selecting a wall safe over a free standing safe is its ease of concealment. Wall safes can be placed in nearly any wall and can be hidden behind a cabinet, wall panel or large painting. This makes it very time consuming and difficult for thieves to find if they break into your home. Wall safes are also relatively easy to install and provide easy access as the safe is located higher up off the ground.

More About Free Standing Safes
Free standing safes are a common type of safe found in a wide range of sizes and styles. Due to the larger sizes available, free standing safes are able to hold a larger amount of valuables. Since free standing safes generally sit on the floor, they can be easily bolted to resist burglar attacks. In most cases, a free standing safe is a better option when there are more valuables to keep safe.

Selecting a Safe for Your Needs
Ultimately, your choice of safe will depend on your individual needs. When shopping around for safes, Staten Island security experts recommend choosing a safe that is made from steel, is fire resistant and can keep your valuables safe from vandals. Look at the ratings when selecting both wall safes and free standing rates. Look closely at the make of the safe, as you want the steel to be substantially thick for extra protection.

Alternatives to a Standard Safe
If you’re looking for something besides your standard wall or free standing safe, there are several other security options that provide maximum protection for your belongings. Depositories can be used to deposit your valuables through a hopper, slot or drawer without having to open a door for convenience. Vaults are also an option when storing large amounts of valuables, as they provide walk-in access and high security protection.

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