Weight Loss Solutions with Liposuction in CT

Weight loss is often a life long struggle that too many people face. It’s so easy to fall into bouts of sadness when the latest diet and exercise routine isn’t giving you the results you hoped for. Sometimes it would be nice to just have a jump start on weight loss that can keep you motivated to continue, almost like a fast forward button to get through that initial tough phase where you truly begin to shed the pounds. If you are physically healthy, active on a regular basis, and committed to losing weight, you may be a candidate for Liposuction in CT.

Liposuction involves the removal of fatty deposits by creating a small incision and inserting a hollow suction tube. A small vacuum unit then sucks out the fat. It can be done almost anywhere; on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, hips, or legs. It can take 30 minutes up to a few hours depending on how much fat you have to be removed, and the recovery time is 3-5 days. Compared to many other cosmetic surgeries, the recovery time is relatively quick. After the liposuction, you will wear an elastic wrap to keep the skin snug. The procedure is safe and performed by a medical doctor on an outpatient basis.

Liposuction in CT has numerous health benefits in addition to just feeling better about your body. Liposuction can help lower cholesterol by 43%, which is twice the amount as cholesterol medications. It also reduces the amount of inflammatory cells, which have been implicated in cardiovascular disease. The improved body image after liposuction often motivates people to continue losing weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The reduction in fat improves posture and mobility, making it easier to stay physically active. Liposuction also has multiple psycho-social benefits, including improved mood, self-esteem, confidence, sex, and overall happiness. If medically indicated, insurance may cover 50-80% of the cost, and most offices have numerous financing options. For a free consultation, Contact Connecticut Surgical Arts LLC. Before you make a decision, ensure your safety by choosing a state licensed and nationally accredited surgical facility dedicated to cosmetic surgery. Give yourself the motivation to start a healthy, active lifestyle with liposuction.

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