What a Criminal Lawyer in West Fargo ND Need to Know to Work on a Case

Someone who has been arrested will want to speak with a Criminal Lawyer in West Fargo ND quickly about their case to see if anything can be done to dismiss the charges or minimize the potential penalties. When they speak with the lawyer, they should be prepared to answer any questions the lawyer might have. Some of the things a lawyer will need to know before they can start working on the case will include the exact charges, the evidence collected, and the client’s version of what happened.

The Exact Charges

The client should provide their lawyer with the exact charges so the lawyer can start looking into the validity of the charges, whether the charges can be dismissed, and what can be done to fight the charges. It may be that the lawyer can discuss a plea deal with the prosecution, where the client pleads guilty to a minor offense and has the charges they’re facing dismissed so they don’t risk spending a long time in jail.

Evidence Collected by Police

The evidence is a crucial component of every case, so lawyers will want to make sure it has been found, collected, and processed according to regulations. If this was not done, the lawyer may be able to have the evidence suppressed so it can’t be used in court. The lawyer will review every piece of evidence carefully to see if it’s possible to avoid the evidence being used against their client.

The Client’s Story

Everyone involved in the case will likely have at least a slightly different version of exactly what happened. The lawyer need to hear their client’s version to determine if evidence was collected improperly, if the arrest wasn’t done lawfully, or if there are any other tiny issues with the case that can be used in the defense strategy. Every tiny detail may be important at this point, so they’ll listen to the client’s story carefully. Are you facing criminal charges? A Criminal Lawyer in West Fargo ND may be able to help you avoid serious penalties.

However, make sure you are prepared when you speak with a lawyer for the first time. Visit the Aaland Law Firm at aalandlaw.com to learn more about what to expect when you talk with them about your case.

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