What a Dentist Does

Family Dentistry is one of the major areas of practice that has a very high demand nowadays. This can be attributed to the gradual change in lifestyles among people. These practitioners carry out such procedures as:

Application of braces. Braces come in many different makes and hence patients have a wide pool of variety to choose from. They are used to correct teeth conditions as crooked teeth. This way, you will have improved biting patterns. An application material is used to fix the braces in place.

Veneers. These are typically thin shells that are fixed on the surface of the teeth. Normally, they are made of porcelain and are customized to match the look of the natural appearance of teeth. They are used to treat colored and stained teeth.

Invisalign. These are more like clear braces. The difference is that they are more comfortable as compared to traditional metal braces as you are not irritated on the cheeks with these. Also invisalign is used in treatment of under and over bites, cross bite, crowding and spacing.

Implants. There are planted on the jaw bone directly. The root is then integrated with a crown so as they resemble natural teeth. Since the procedure is very painful, an aesthesia is used in the process of carrying out the procedure.

Tooth extractions. Dentists use this treatment to cure impaction, a situation whereby the molar teeth do not find enough space to fit in the gum. Once this happens, the gum becomes irritated and there could be formation of a liquid matter which further leads to destruction of the gum and more so the adjacent teeth.

Composite bonding. This is whereby a composite material is used to make teeth- like devices which is then fixed on the needed area. Mostly, they are an option for reducing gaps between teeth, hiding discoloration or faded teeth parts. As opposed to veneers, composite bridges remove little to no part of the original teeth.

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