What About Toilet Partitions in South Jersey in a Residential Setting?

Homeowners who are trying to figure out a way to make their bathrooms more efficient for the family might wonder if anybody ever installs Toilet Partitions in South Jersey in a residential setting. They might envision having two or three stalls in a bathroom instead of having to add another two bathrooms to accommodate a large family. It would be extraordinarily unusual to find this feature in a single-family or a multi-family residence, although technically it could be done.

School Residence Halls

Residence halls associated with colleges, universities, and boarding schools are the only places where multi-stall restrooms are normally found in a residential setting. Most of these buildings have single or double rooms and bathrooms that are shared with other people in a wing. These bathrooms need numerous stalls for the women or girls, although in an all-male wing or building there may be fewer stalls along with several urinals.

Small Multi-Stall Restrooms

Yet parents might envision being able to make two bathrooms more adequate for their family by adding at least at least one extra toilet in each of those rooms. They’ve seen plenty of these setups in various commercial enterprises with Toilet Partitions in South Jersey. A bathroom in a small restaurant or pub, for instance, might have only one bathroom stall. The same goes for a hotel with a bathroom off the lobby. The design still allows somebody to use the sink and mirror while someone else is hidden by the partitions for privacy.

Important Considerations

Before homeowners decide to go this route, they might consider the effect the remodeling project would have on the value of the house and its chances for resale in the future. With multi-stall restrooms being essentially unheard of in a house, this feature could lead prospective buyers to shy away from making an offer.

It’s probably best to leave this type of restroom design to commercial and institutional buildings. Multi-stall bathrooms as built by a company such as Steel Doors Inc are incredibly helpful in offices, factories, stores, churches, and schools but will generally look a bit strange in a house.

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