What are Dry Van Trucking Companies

In the trucking industry there are typically five different types of trailers you can pull: dry vans, refrigerated, tankers, flatbeds and doubles. Dry vans are the most commonly found trailer on the road. These are large, empty boxes with no temperature controls. The trailer is usually around 53 feet.

There is the broad range of job opportunities available with dry vans, especially if you prefer regional and local runs. This option makes it easier for you to go home on weekends. In some cases, you might even be able to sleep in your own bed every night.

Limited Extra Manual Labor Required
You’ll rarely have to unload trailers but you will have to do some manual labor. This all depends on the dry van trucking companies themselves. As a general rule, you don’t touch much of the freight. If it can be loaded and unloaded from a dock or from the ground using a fork lift truck, it suits a dry van.

You can haul everything and anything from dog food to diapers. Some typical industries include non-perishable groceries, paper goods or household products. If it can be put in a box and moved, you can haul it. There is a large shortage in drivers in the trucking industry, which leaves a lot of opportunities for new hires.

Licensing Requirement
One needs a Class A CDL to drive a dry van, and many companies prefer that you obtain your CDL via a truck driving school so that you at least have some driving experience before joining them. Many dry van trucking companies are hiring and offer everything from tuition reimbursement to signing bonuses to encourage people to join the trucking industry.

If you’re interested in becoming a truck driver that has a balance between financial goals and home time needs, a dry van trucking job might be a better option for you. Remember to do your research and find a company that’s best suited to your lifestyle and somewhere that you’re willing to commit at least one year to. Remember to look for dry van trucking companies that have many years of experience and have a sincere interest in your education and training.

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