What are soft tissue injuries?

Soft tissue injuries are quite common in auto accidents in Rockford IL. Soft tissue injuries are those where non-bony parts of the body are injured; these can be ligaments, muscles and tendons. When these injuries occur in a car accident it usually means a tear, sprain, strain or just soreness.

These types of injuries happen during the crash when the occupants of the vehicle are being thrown around and coming into contact with the rigid car body. The injuries may be compounded under hard braking and in particular, attempting to brace for the event. The force of the impact often causes the soft tissues to stretch and be pulled in directions that they are not intended to go, this can result in considerable damage resulting in swelling, internal bleeding, extreme pain and loss of function.

There are numerous types of injuries that can happen in auto accidents in Rockford IL. In the case of soft tissue damage, this cannot be seen on an X-Ray whereas broken bones and damaged cartilage can. Because the damage is not visible, it is much harder to diagnose the extent of the injuries. In many cases the effects of this type of damage may not be felt for a number of hours, in some cases it may be a several days before the manifestation appears.

Once the pain starts, it may be persistent and acute and the victim may also experience inflammation. Inflammation is the physical result of a soft tissue injury; if the pain is not treated the results can be serious.

One of the most common forms of soft tissue injury is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when a vehicle is struck from the rear; the people in the car will have their head violently jolted backwards, pulling the supporting neck muscles. As the head weights a considerable amount, the head reverberates with significant force, certainly enough to tear the neck muscles and other tissue. Whiplash is serious and can easily lead to conditions such as lifelong chronic pain, dysfunction of the neck or herniated discs in the upper spinal area. Symptoms of serious whiplash are neck pain, dizziness and headache. Whiplash may also cause the stomach to be upset, memory loss, fatigue and depression.

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