What Are the Advantages of Bringing Your Own Roommates?

Student apartments in Kalamazoo usually give you two options for roommates: bring your own or let the staff members decide for you. Choosing your own roommates has the obvious advantage of letting you room with your friends instead of complete strangers. However, some student apartments offer special financial incentives for students who bring their friends along.

What Are the Advantages of Bringing Your Own Roommates?

If you and your friends are going to the same university, you can apply for a four-bedroom student apartment together. This makes it easier on the staff members, who can simply move four people into the bedroom instead of trying to mix-and-match four complete strangers. As a reward, some student apartments offer financial incentives for people who sign up with their friends.

The incentives usually change from semester to semester, but you might be able to enjoy discounted rates, waived fees and no security deposit when you and three people apply for a room together. Just make sure that you sign up before the deadline. Most student apartments need their residents to apply as quickly as possible so they don’t have to cram a bunch of people into a room before the semester starts.

Contact 58 West to learn more about student apartments in Kalamazoo. If you have friends and fellow college students who want to grab a room with you, check out their social media pages to see the complex has any deals available. You can also see the current rent rates.

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