What are the Benefits of Using Industrial Floor Coating?

by | Jan 3, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Did you know that there can be more than 15 types of bases in industrial floor coating? These range from water to chemicals, but most commonly used solutions would generally be composed of materials such as urethane or epoxy. They protect the flooring from various kinds of damages, including those from pressure and corrosion. They also serve cosmetic purposes, while making the floor more reflective and anti-skid.

Industrial Floor Coating: Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits of using industrial floor coating:

  • Durability and strength- All types of industrial floor coating helps ensure a stronger floor, with a higher capacity to withstand pressures and damages. It also acts as a binding agent that holds together different layers of gravel, sand, cement and other construction materials used in making the floor, thus holding the floor together. Since the gravel does not loosen out, the floor remains intact and free from cracks, compared to an uncoated floor.
  • Facilitate movement- Besides strengthening the floor, industrial floor coating also smoothens out the surface of an existing floor. Use of epoxy coating as base and top coat of primer reduces any pre-existing friction present on the concrete floor. Since the surface is smoother, shifting loads also becomes easy. Hence, it facilitates movement and replacement of machines as the floor is able to withstand higher amounts of weight and pressure.
  • Light reflectivity: Materials, such as urethane and epoxy, help enhance light reflectivity of floors by 300 percent. Hence, it helps reduce the need for auxiliary lighting in industrial premises. This leads to direct savings in electricity bills plus indirect savings in terms of productivity. Well-illuminated workspaces are not only safer, but also improve worker productivity.
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs: Industrial floor coating are relatively free of maintenance, as they require little care and efforts compared to untreated concrete base industrial floor. Besides, repairs resulting from chemical spillage and other damaging substances falling on the floor are also eliminated. In the long term, it leads to savings on replacement costs as well.
  • Elongate lifespan: Experts believe that a floor with an industrial floor coating has 2.5 times longer lifespan than regular industrial flooring. While the average life of regular industrial flooring can range from 12 to 15 years, an epoxy and urethane coated floor can last up to 40 years. So, you enjoy the benefits of a better floor for a considerably longer time as well.

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