What are the Components of a Good Web Design?

Establishing an online presence is very important, especially if you run an e-commerce store. Having a website is a good start, but building your online visibility shouldn’t end there. To attract traffic, you need to make sure that your web page is aesthetically appealing and contains relevant content that people find useful. The success of your online campaign largely depends on the design of your website. To be honest, would you stay on a page that is an eyesore?

A company is offering website design services in Fort Collins, CO can help provide you with a good website design that has the potential to convert visitors to customers. Here are some factors that determine a good web design.

Visually Appealing

Who wants to stare at a smorgasbord of fonts, colors, and images for more than five seconds? If you insist on using neon colors on your website, then you can expect a high bounce rate.

Easy Navigation

A well-labeled menu or navigation bar is an essential component of a good website design as it helps users to understand and explore your website more easily. This is especially true if the website has many pages.


When designing a website, it’s tempting to play around with all the fonts and colors available. However, it’s important that the designer does not go overboard. Too many things going on your website will only confuse users. The fonts, colors, and page layout, as well as the design of the buttons, should be consistent throughout all the different pages of the website. A professional web designer should already know this.


Your website needs to be visually appealing to catch the attention of the users. However, if it doesn’t contain any relevant content, then they will still leave. So where does that leave you? With a high bounce rate and zero sales. If you can invest in web design, surely you can also spare some for the content of your page. They are the real star of your site, you know. Creative agencies that offer website design services knows this and most likely already have a partnership with professional content creators.

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