What are the Options for Personal Home Care Newnan, GA?

The realities of aging and terminal illness mean making decisions on whether to place a relative in hospice care. Experts recommend looking for a combination of signs that it may be time to make the decision. Some of those signs include an increase in the number of emergency room visits, a drastically reduced appetite, problems with alertness or frequent confusion, and increased pain. Since hospitalization or admittance to a nursing home is not the only options, gathering information about Personal Home Care Newnan GA can be helpful.

Maintaining Quality of Life

The goal of hospice care is to maintain the individual’s quality of life as best as possible. This can be more difficult if the person is suffering from a severe terminal illness like cancer. However, if it is no longer practical to continue traditional treatments for the disease, providing daily assistance and care while the person lives out the remainder of his or her days is often more humane. Organizations that provide Personal Home Care Newnan GA help manage pain, assist the person with daily basic tasks, and are there to monitor overall health. Home care means that medical personnel provide care in the person’s home, but hospice care is also available in medical facilities if home care is not a practical option.


Eligibility requirements for hospice care typically involve a decision to stop treatment for a terminal illness or receiving a medical diagnosis of six months or less to live. In the U.S., Medicare will typically cover the costs of hospice care under these eligibility requirements. If the person changes his or her mind and wants to resume treatment for the illness, there is an option to end hospice care. Palliative care is an additional option, where the patient still receives treatment for the terminal illness but also receives care to reduce the disease’s symptoms.

Deciding to receive end-of-life care is both emotionally stressful and difficult. While there are advantages and disadvantages to receiving hospice care in one’s home or a medical facility, considering the available resources is an optimal way to proceed. Many people feel more comfortable remaining in their homes as long as friends and family are also available to help. Contact Sacred Journey Hospice for more information!

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