What Benefits Are Available to Veterans?

Those who serve in the military can qualify for certain benefits. The type of benefit you may qualify for depends on your physical, mental and financial needs. The first major qualification is that you finished your service with an honorable or general discharge. If you meet this basic qualification, there are several types of benefits you may be able to receive. In general, these benefits are classified in different ways. Learn about the four types of benefits available.

Pension and Disability Programs for Veterans

You may not know it, but veterans get pensions too. Wartime veterans who are low-income and cannot work full-time can get one of two pensions. The first pension is the Veterans Disability Pension. The second one is a pension for veterans age 65 and older. The basic requirements for each of these pensions is that you served for more than 90 days in active duty. This service time must also o ccur during a war. For the second pension, you need to meet the age requirement and be permanently disabled. There is also a income ceiling limit for the pension to kick in.

Educational Assistance

Department Of Veterans Affairs benefits also help veterans continue their education. This is done through the GI Bill program. The program helps veterans pay for educational expenses, such as those associated with attending a four-year institution. There is also a vocational rehabilitation program offered under this area of benefits.

Medical Care Program

Another area the Department Of Veterans Affairs benefits cover is medical assistance. The agency actually has to do this according to law. The type of medical treatment can include basic treatment all the way up to surgeries. You may also get help with other issues such as exposure to radiation, or brain injuries. These services are provided for free, or at affordable rates for veterans.

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