What Can a Security Guard do in Kansas City?

A security guard can serve many functions, though his or her main duty is to protect private property or people. They are not police officers, though can perform many of the same duties. As well, some security guards are retired police officers, and sometimes retired military, so these people are often well versed in how to perform this particular job. Additionally, some police officers work as security guards when they are off duty. But, one does not have to come from a police or military background in order to become a security guard.

A guard could be a person who sits at the front entrance to a building, such as a business, and keeps an eye on people who are entering or exiting the building. In some instances, if there are metal detectors or other security systems in place for persons entering the building, it is the duty of the guard to monitor these as well, and perform a hands-on search if deemed necessary. The guard could also be the person who watches the building overnight to protect against unauthorized entrance or to report issues to the proper authorities, such as if a fire were to break out.

A security guard can also be the type who does an active patrol in an assigned area, usually by car. You can see these kinds of guards in many places, such as shopping malls, apartment complexes, business complexes, and any other place that has the capacity and desire to hire a guard. In some cases, these guards can also roadside assistance to their clients in the event of a breakdown or a flat tire.

Security guards are often required to go through specialized training as dictated by the state in which they are working, particularly if they are armed guards which can include the carrying of firearms. They may also require such training in order to carry items such as pepper spray or batons. Each state is different in their requirements for guards, but a good company that employs and hires out security guard will do all they can to ensure that their guards are trained to the highest capacity.

Another part of a security guard’s job can be reporting about their shift, even if nothing of significance occurred. This is a good way to keep a client’s mind at ease, knowing that even when nothing is going on, their hired guards are still paying attention. Issues that regard any contact with police or the fire department are also recorded, along with any other issue that the client should be made aware of, even if it’s not of a suspicious or criminal nature.

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