What Could be Clogging Your Plumbing In Peoria AZ?

Any homeowner who wants to avoid a lot of problems with their Plumbing in Peoria AZ should learn what can cause clogging issues. Once a person knows what to guard against, they can better protect all their drains and save some money. Even if a homeowner is very knowledgeable and works hard to protect their plumbing, they might still require a plumber’s touch from time to time.

Types Of Clogs

A homeowner has to understand the types of clogs that their Plumbing in Peoria AZ might develop. Basically, acute or chronic blockages can develop in a buildings plumbing. Chronic blockages can take weeks, months, or even years to come about. An acute clog happens suddenly and can come about from something large falling into a drain or a toilet. A company like Brothers Plumbing & Air Conditioning can work on any type of clogged drain.


Hair is something that can be a huge issue for some property owners. Hair is something that often contributes heavily to chronic clogs. It can start to accumulate with soap scum and other debris. A clog that is made up mostly of hair can develop anywhere inside a drain system.

Grease, Oil, And, Food

While hair is responsible for a lot of clogs that happen inside bathroom plumbing, grease and oil contribute to kitchen issues. Grease can begin to solidify once it is inside a drain. Once enough grease has gone down a drain, there will be problems. Not protecting kitchen drains from large food pieces can also cause blockages. Strainers need to be utilized in both kitchen and bathroom drains to prevent chronic clogs from happening.


Children can cause some rather serious drain issues with their toys. Small toy parts can get into bathtub drains. A child might put a toy inside a toilet and cause the plumbing to get blocked. Parents have to let their children know to be extremely careful with their toys when around drains and toilets.

It’s not too hard for people to prevent some of the problems that can happen around the home. It doesn’t take much effort to stop expensive complications from happening. You can also visit their Google+ page for more information.

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