What Dallas Residents Can Expect With Scalp Pigmentation Treatments

If you are starting to go completely bald or you have noticed that your hairline is getting thin or receding, you may consider scalp pigmentation. The goal if this treatment is to create the appearance of short hair stubble or tiny hair follicles.

If you are considering scalp pigmentation for women in Dallas, you should know that it is not a one-time treatment. Most individuals are going to need anywhere from two to four sessions in order to get the best results. This will depend on the extent of their hair loss and other factors. It is common for treatment sessions to be spaced about 15 days apart.

If you decide that scalp pigmentation for women in Dallas is right for you, you should know that you will be in the office for about two hours per session. You can expect the color to last for at least a couple of years. You may notice that the color will start to lighten several years after the initial treatment. This means that you may need to have touch up sessions later.

You do not need to worry about any downtime after having the treatment performed. It is noninvasive. You can get back to work right after the treatment. You may notice a little bit of redness, but this will go away after a couple of days. You can also wear a hat, scarf, or headwear after the treatment if you feel like it is needed.

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