What Does A Litigation Lawyer In Henderson Do For His Client

A litigation lawyer in Henderson has many roles for his clients and performs many tasks as the litigation process moves forward.  Not all of these steps will be done for every case, based on whether the attorney is working for the defendant or the plaintiff.  Also, some cases do not need all of these steps performed because the case never gets all the way through the courts.  In other words, it is either dismissed or it is settled and a mutually agreeable conclusion is reached between the two opposing sides of the case.   But litigation lawyer in Henderson will at least know how to do all these steps and will be willing and able to perform them.

First, he will be able to assess the case when it is presented to him by the client.   Sometimes this means more than just listening to the client’s side of the issue.  He might need to do some investigating of his own, talk to witnesses, locate documents, and deciding what evidence is available to allow him to litigate the case appropriately.

Second, he will be able to draw up all of the necessary motions and pleadings for his client, depending on what sort of a case it is and what side he is representing.  For example, the plaintiff’s attorney has to draw up the documents to get the process started on the filing of the lawsuit and the defendant’s attorney is likely to file a series of motions with the court hoping to force the court to dismiss the case completely.

Third, a litigation lawyer in Henderson will go through the process of discovery with his client.  This can be very time consuming and the majority of the time in the  entire litigation process can be taken up with this process.  This process means simply finding and obtaining all of the information that has to do with the case.  It might mean interviewing various witnesses, getting copies of documents, taking photographs, contacting experts to explain and analyze evidence, etc.   During this process, the attorney will adjust his litigation strategy depending on what evidence is found.

Lastly, he will go through the pre-trial process, lining up witnesses and arranging for experts to testify on his client’s side, getting exhibits ready to go, and making sure that all of his arguments are ready to present.  Then he will actually be at the trial and present his side of the argument to the judge and jury, if one is present.

Be certain that the litigation lawyer in Henderson you want to hire is capable of doing these steps with you.   Since your litigation lawyer in Henderson will be working for you, it is important you can work together well.

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