What does an auto body repairman do?

There are a number of different skills required by those who are involved in auto repair in Corvallis OR. An automobile has various unique systems and components, many of which require specialist technicians to repair; others can be comfortably handled by a general mechanic. Needless to say, the complexity of modern automobile electronics is not something that can be done by a general mechanic who spends his day changing oil and other routine car maintenance tasks.

When it comes to auto body repair the mechanic must possess several skills that others involved in auto repair do not have, nor do they need them. Among the skills that are needed is the knowledge to eliminate dents, straighten a distorted frame; totally restore the body of a car and painting. As these skills are quite diverse not every auto body repairmen has the expertise to do them all, the typical auto repair in Corvallis OR that does body work will employ professionals for each task to ensure a perfect result.

Not all body work is done on vehicles that have been involved in a collision, a great deal of the work they do is restoration. These people spend their time removing any deficiencies in the body using materials such as fiberglass and filler and sanding the areas to totally eliminate the previous marks. In some cases the car they are tasked to work on only requires minor bodywork, perhaps as a result of a scratch from a parking lot while other jobs may takes weeks of patient work, especially if the task is restoring a classic automobile that is in a state of serious disrepair.

Removing the dents, filling holes and preparing the surface is one skill, painting the vehicle is another skill altogether. After the vehicle is completely taped, primer paint is first applied; it is then sanded with ever finer grades of paper. Before the final coat of paint can be applied there may be multiple coats of primer until the body is perfect, no ripples, minute scratches or any other visible imperfection. The painter is expected to know exactly how to apply different types of paint, he is also expected to know how to mix custom colors and if necessary, apply decals once the painting has been completed.

Regardless of what facet of auto repair in Corvallis OR a mechanic is involved in, the expectations are all the same; perfection at an affordable price.

Auto repair in Corvallis OR includes mechanical, electrical and body. Freebird Body & Paint have been providing expert vehicle restoration and collision repair since 1984, they accept insurance work and offer a written warranty.

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