What Does it Take to Restore Brick Masonry in Wilmington, DE?

The home is in great shape, but the brick facade and the wall surrounding the property could use some help. While wanting to keep the look, it pays to talk to a professional about the best way to go about restoring the Brick Masonry in Wilmington, DE. Here are a couple of tips that will help with the process.

Power Washing the Bricks

Before any attempt to restore the Brick Masonry in Wilmington, DE, takes place, it pays to clean the bricks thoroughly. For the home facade and the brick wall around the property, use a power washer to get rid of grime and any other residue that has collected over the years. Remember that, depending on what type of grime is present, it may be necessary to go over the wall once using one type of cleaning agent, then do a second round using another kind.

Savvy homeowners will realize this is a job for someone who knows how to use the equipment properly. One call to a local professional will be all it takes to get rid of the dirt and bring out the beauty of the bricks.

Using the Right Type of Mortar

Many people think that all types of brick mortar are the same. That is not the case. As part of the restoration of the masonry, it may be necessary to fill in places where the mortar has worn or chipped away. A professional can determine the type of mortar already in place and match the product. It is even possible to tint the new mortar, so it blends with the hue of the older product. The result is that the brick looks well preserved and not as if it was recently mended.

For homeowners who want to make sure their brick walls are properly repaired and cleaned, call the team at Mara Restoration. After taking a look at the masonry, it will be easy to come up with a plan of action that ensures the bricks will look better than they have in years. Best of all, the work will not harm the masonry in any way and may even make the structure stronger.

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