What Happens During Tune-ups In Mesa?

Depending on the age of your car, the procedure for tune-ups in Mesa may be slightly different. For older cars, replacing spark plugs and ignition contact points, adjusting the ignition timing and the carburetor idle speed or fuel mixture are often parts of this procedure. With newer cars, the electronic ignition means that there are no points to replace and there may be one or more computers on-board that adjust the idle speed, fuel mixture and even the ignition timing automatically.

Even with an on-board computer your car needs regular tune-ups so that the engine can perform at a high efficiency level. In order for the combustion process to work properly and efficiently, clean gas and air are driven to the cylinders and ignited. When the air or fuel filters are dirty, the fuel injectors are clogged and the spark plugs are corroded, the efficiency of the engine will decrease. This means that not only will your car’s performance be less than it should be but your gas mileage will go down.

If you have noticed that your engine runs rougher or even stalls when you stop, or you have seen your gas mileage getting noticeably lower, you may need a tune-up. If you are noticing a loss in power or your engine tends to knock when you accelerate or continues to run-on after you turn off the ignition, it may be time for a tune-up. If your check engine light stays on after your start your car, or you have driven for a couple of years or 30,000 miles, it is time for a tune-up

When taking your vehicle in for tune-ups in Mesa, you can expect that standard procedures will be followed. The technician visually inspects the vehicle and diagnoses any issues it might have as well as making adjustments that your vehicle may need to improve its ability to operate efficiently. Generally, the spark plugs will be removed and checked to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced. The wires will be examined for damage and replaced if necessary.

Fuel and air filters will be checked and the distributor cap and rotor will be replaced if needed. The ignition timing and system will be checked on older vehicles. Valves and gaskets will be checked and adjusted or replaced. Fluid levels will be checked and topped off, and belts will be inspected and replaced if needed.

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