What is a bespoke kitchen?

Many years ago the term “bespoke” was used exclusively for giving instructions to tailors and other garment makers. The term bespoke referred to the spoken instructions that were given to the craftsman by the client. Today, the term is often heard as it is used when one wishes to describe a product line which can be tailored to meet the demands of a customer, rather than to simply make use of mass-produced goods. In Potters Bar, ‘Bespoke kitchens’ refer to a kitchen that is built exactly in accordance with the customers’ demands. Even the finest fitted kitchens work to a template, a bespoke kitchen is built from the ground up, uses no pre-purchased cabinets and no pre-designed floor plan.

There are potential benefits as well as drawbacks to have bespoke kitchens in Potters Bar and those who are considering it should fully understand the different levels of customization.

The term bespoke can refer to a number of things. In truth, it means a kitchen which is 100% custom designed and built. In reality, many so-called bespoke kitchens are a hybrid, using some components from a standard range, the balance is custom. More often than not, builders of mass produced homes consider a kitchen to be “bespoke” when the unit buyer is given a choice of a kitchen from a limited choice of options, including finish and countertops. Giving a buyer a choice of finish and countertops is not giving the buyer a bespoke kitchen at all; it simply offers a limited choice of customization of a standard kitchen arrangement.

Other approaches to bespoke kitchens Potters Bar are when a builder creates a custom kitchen for the buyer using all pre-manufactured components. In a scenario such as this, the builder can offer the buyer standard cabinets with different doors, hardware, countertops and floor. Although the end result is different and perhaps unique, it still cannot be thought of as bespoke in the most pure sense of the word.

True bespoke kitchens in Potters Bar are made to order. This includes all the cabinets and other furniture in the kitchen, the cabinets are not produced from stock pieces, and the only thing that is not unique is the hardware. The entire bespoke kitchen will include unique floors, cabinet doors and elements that are uniquely designed to compliment these major pieces. These components are constructed and installed in precisely the places where the owner wants them, once completed, no other kitchen will ever duplicate it.

The primary advantage of a bespoke kitchen is that, when finished, it meets the aesthetic and functional demands of the owner. A house with a bespoke kitchen can be a positive point when the time comes to sell the house. The down-side is; they come at a much higher price than a semi-bespoke kitchen.

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