What is a good settlement offer?

Have you ever asked for a claim from the insurance company to cover damages? If yes, you know how hard and frustrating the process can be. In most cases, you worry about your recovery and if you will get the compensation worth the damage. So, here are things you have to consider for a good insurance company settlement.

Have facts rights

The victim or representative has the burden to prove it’s a negligence case. So having facts right is vital and also knowledge of the law, including the insurance company defense. Therefore, your medical bills, police report, and witness testimony must do more than establish negligence.

For you to get maximum compensation, your proof must show the severity of the injury. Additionally, you can use witnesses to say how the injury affects your daily life. Also, your attorneys should know how the insurance company will argue and be ready to fight. However, they should know what a good settlement offer should be.

Determining the settlement value

When it comes to deciding how much is the settlement value the facts and law are the determinants. So, a good settlement should take care of all accident-related losses, including:

Special damages like:

  • Medical cost
  • Income loss
  • Vehicle replacement and repairs
  • Travel expenses

In addition, it should also cater to general damages like pain and suffering of the victim. To ensure you get the compensation worth the damage and live within or near Medford, you can hire an auto injury lawyer. In most cases, insurance companies take advantage of victims with no lawyers. Additionally, don’t sign any settlement offer until your lawyer approves it.

If the law and the facts are in line and both sides want to settle the matter early, the settlement can come early. However, this rarely happens as both parties cannot agree on each other’s terms, and also the negotiations take long. So, a suit is filed to settle the matter legally.

So, if you have been hurt due to negligence, use the above information to get what you deserve or contact Black Chapman Petersen & Stevens for more details.

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