What Is a Holistic Medical Treatment in Escondido, and How Does It Work?

by | Feb 5, 2024 | Chiropractor

Holistic medicine is a type of healing that considers the entire person. It looks at physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health with the goal of achieving optimal well-being. According to the principles of holistic medicine in Escondido, CA, you can only achieve the highest level of health if you have the proper balance in your life.

Practitioners of holistic medicine in Escondido, CA believe that a person is made up of parts that rely on one another. If one part is not properly aligned, the other parts will be affected. This means that if a person is imbalanced in their spiritual, emotional, or physical life, it can harm their overall health.

A holistic doctor can use multiple forms of healthcare, including alternative therapies and conventional medicine, to treat the patient. Holistic medicine is different from natural medicine. Although you may hear those terms intertwined, natural medicine relies solely on natural remedies like herbs and acupuncture to help a person’s body heal itself. However, holistic doctors will also include conventional treatments such as prescription medicines in conjunction with natural remedies.

Holistic medicine has as its guiding principle the belief that love and support are powerful healers. It also states that a person has the responsibility for their health and well-being. The patient is viewed as a person and not as the disease that is being treated. A holistic approach to treatment involves incorporating a team to address all parts of a person’s life with the goal of addressing the infirmity they have.

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