What is a nursing home abuse attorney?

Although there are minor variations, every state has on its books a body of law that is designed to protect the elderly and sets out certain standards for their care. These laws are referred to as “elder abuse laws,” a nursing home abuse attorney in Jersey City NJ is a legal professional that deals with this facet of law. The attorney has a detailed knowledge of the laws and legislation that are in effect to protect this potentially at-risk sector of society; this knowledge extends to the standards that are in effect for caregivers.

Elderly individuals are often in vulnerable positions and elder abuse laws recognize this fact. There are often elderly people in nursing care that do not have close family or even friends nearby to ensure that they are taken care of properly and not abused. A common task for a nursing home abuse attorney is recovering damages as well as securing justice for those who appear to have been done an injustice or have been wronged in some way by a care giver.

There is a host of ways that an elderly person can be abused; unfortunately two common examples are sexual and physical abuse. Emotional and psychological abuse as well as financial abuse is also examples; perhaps the most common form of elder abuse is simply neglect.

There are many people that can be held responsible for elder abuse; this group can include members of the medical profession, doctors and nurses as well as service providers that are not in a medical related field. Security and maintenance personnel in an elder care facility may be abusive and harm the person, in some cases even members of the family can be perpetrators.

A nursing home abuse attorney in Jersey City NJ can find himself taking cases that include any of these abuse people or circumstances. Although this attorney usually deals with cases that involve a nursing home they may also take cases that involve harm to an elderly person that took place outside a nursing home. Cases of this nature may involve abuse at an adult day care center or while receiving care in the home.

The elderly individual is not always the one that hires a nursing home abuse attorney, in many cases a family member will detect what appears to be an abusive situation and contact the attorney. There are cases where the attorney has been brought into the picture if a social service agency believes that an elderly person is being abused.

As an elderly individual you have specific rights under law and should you or a family member believe that an abusive situation has taken place or is taking place then you will need a nursing home abuse attorney in Jersey City NJ to assist you. You are welcome to contact the Law Offices of Bagolie Friedman.

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