What Is An Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication?

There are many new companies that start up with limited experience in working with third-party service providers. For new OEMs with a concept and perhaps limited engineering support in-house, knowing the most cost-effective ways to produce parts and components can be a challenge.

When those parts and components are made of aluminum, it is critical to work with a company with expertise in aluminum sheet metal fabrication. This ensures the contract manufacturer is able to provide the fabrication services needed for the job to produce the quality parts and components needed at the lowest possible cost.

The Basics

The term “aluminum sheet metal fabrication” is an umbrella term to explain the process of shaping, forming, cutting and assembling aluminum sheet to the desired parts and components.

These processes can be completed by different equipment to provide precision parts and components. The choice of the specific process used is often a factor of the volume of the order, the need for exact tolerances and the type of metal or alloy used.

With aluminum sheet metal fabrication, the aluminum itself is easy to work with, so it can easily be shaped and processed. Processes like metal stamping, using a turret press or a brake press can be used to create complex or simple shapes to the exacting standards required.

Secondary Services

In addition to the actual fabrication of parts and components from aluminum sheet metal, many of the companies offering these services can also complete welding, kit assembly and packing if needed, allow you to work with one fabricator for a range different service.

Look for a fabrication service with an interest in working to your specific requirements. It is also essential to ensure they have the ability to work to your order requirements from small single run orders to large volume orders.

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