What is Breast Augmentation?

And is it a good idea?

Breast augmentation refers to a number of different procedures which change the shape, size, and other features of breasts. The term that encompasses all kinds of breast surgeries is ‘breast augmentation’ so it can mean a number of different things. For example, women who have mastectomies because of breast cancer often have breast augmentation procedures after or even during their surgery in order to preserve or re-build the look of the effected breast. Breast augmentation can also mean a breast enlargement or reduction, or breast lift surgery. In this article you can learn about the various breast augmentation procedures.

Breast Enlargement or Reduction

The most well-known breast augmentation surgery is the breast enlargement or enhancement. This is done when a woman has small breasts and wants bigger breasts through a surgical procedure. Plastic breast implants, which are fluid-filled plastic sacs, are placed under the skin in a way that makes the breasts look and feel larger. Breast enlargement surgeries can look very good when done right, but they can be terrible if they’re done wrong.

Breast reduction surgeries aren’t as well know, but they are also a very popular type of breast augmentation. Women who have extremely large breasts can suffer from back pain, have trouble sleeping, and are often very uncomfortable when doing any kind of exercise. For some women, a breast reduction surgery is like a new lease on life because they can suddenly do things they never did before. A lot of women who are seriously obese have breast reductions so that they can start to exercise and try to lose weight.

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is another common type of breast augmentation. In this procedure, the breast is re-shaped through the removal of skin or the tucking of tissues so that the breasts sit higher on the chest and are more perky. Many women complain that after nursing a child their breasts are never the same. This is the kind of breast augmentation that can adjust the breasts so they are a bit more like they were before, however it is a very delicate surgery and not all women qualify for breast lift surgery.

Breast Augmentation after Mastectomy

Finally, the breast augmentations that are completed for women after mastectomies can be any of a variety of procedures. For many women, a single or double mastectomy is a traumatic experience and having breast implants put under the skin can give them another chance. Other women undergo lumpectomy, which is when only a part of the tissue is removed rather than the entire breast. Patients who have a lumpectomy have breast augmentation surgery that makes their breasts even again.

Women have breast augmentation surgeries for a variety of reasons. The procedures that can be defined as breast augmentation can accomplish many different changes to the shape of breasts.

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