What Is Capsular Contracture?

For those who seek out a procedure to augment the size of their breast, they often do not see any type of complication occurring. Yet, it is possible for this to happen. When you work with even the best plastic surgeons, you can expect a few types of complications occur. Some of them are important to handle right away. If you notice any changes to your breasts or feel any pain at all, it is important to report this to your doctor. In some cases, it may be capsular contracture.

Understanding What It Is?

One of the types of complications that can occur is called capsular contracture. It is a situation in which there is a tightening of the tissue that surrounds the breast. After a breast augmentation, the body develops skin and tissue around it. This is called scar tissue. Most of the time, this is normal and natural. It helps to hold the implant in place. However, in some cases, it can create too much squeezing. This is when the procedure can be a bit more painful.

In some situations, you will feel the area become firm. Firmness of this tissue is normal, and it indicates just mild contractures. In other cases, the condition can become painful. When severe contracture occurs, it can be hard to avoid getting treatment for it. It can occur as the tissue begins to pull the breast implant up and into an odd position. If you are experiencing this, it is important to see a plastic surgeon right away.

There are methods to fixing or improving capsular contracture. It is up to you to work with your plastic surgeon to determine if this is necessary in your case. Many times, the best plastic surgeons can offer revisions to help you to feel less pain without limiting your results.

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