What Is CNC Brass Machining?

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Industrial Goods and Services

Brass is a common metal alloy made of zinc and copper; this alloy is used in many applications and for making many tools and items in our world today. Many industries commonly use brass tools and items, and many of these need to be of exact specifications to work well for them as expected. Due to the exact requirements and the high number of these items needed, CNC brass machining has to be used in order to meet both demands. Learn more about what CNC brass machining is below.

How CNC Brass Machining Works

This type of machining involves CNC machining, or computer numerical control machines that work to cut, shape, and mold the brass into the specific dimensions and specifications needed for the application being used or the tool being made. Whatever that desired design is, it is input into the computer program using computer-aided design (CAD) software. This design is converted into a format that can be read and utilized by the CNC machine. Once the machine “knows” what is required, it instructs the specific machinery to cut and mold the brass into the desired design.

Advantages of Using Brass

The advantages of using brass in CNC machining include the fact that brass has excellent machinability, which means it works well with machines such as CNC machines. Brass also has a low melting point. Brass has high wear and corrosion resistance, which enables it to be cut, even at high speed, which makes it a very suitable material to be used in CNC machinery.

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