What Is Included In Lawn Treatment Service In Wellington, Florida

In Florida, lawn care is required to keep the lawn beautiful and green. The services include applications of the right treatments to mitigate common risks. The options also improve the health of the lawn and landscaping designs. A local service provider offers Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington Florida throughout the year for all property owners.

Fertilizing the Lawn

The lawn care specialist applies an adequate amount of fertilizer on the lawn at regular intervals. The service is beneficial for seeded and sod lawns. The fertilizer keeps the grass healthy and reduces the growth time for seeded lawns. It also prevents brown spots and bare patches throughout the lawn.

Utilizing Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are beneficial for distributing lawn treatments and the right volume of water. Once installed, the property owner uses a timer to engage the system according to their schedule. The lawn care specialist can use the systems when distributing insecticide and pesticides throughout the lawn. The systems also help control the volume of water used each day and could help property owners save money overall.

Seasonal Treatments for the Lawn

The lawn is treated in the spring, summer, and fall to keep it lush and green. The lawn care specialist applies fertilizers and nutrients at different intervals throughout each season. The treatments keep the grass green longer. The treatments applied in the fall provide enough food for the lawn until the end of winter.

Mowing and Trimming

Mowing and trimming are performed according to how quickly the grass grows. Typically, the lawn specialists mow the grass if it is more than two inches from the ground. The height lowers the risk of hazards that could lead to personal injuries, and it prevents possible pest infestations.

In Florida, lawn care services are performed regularly to maintain their aesthetic appeal. Specialists who manage lawn care services maintain the lawn and the landscaping designs. The installations are treated according to the type of grass and plants that were used in the design. The specialists choose fertilizers and chemicals that are right for each concept. Property owners who want to schedule Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington Florida are encouraged to contact Above & Beyond Pest Control right now.

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