What is Supervised Child Visitation?

It’s commonly misunderstood that when you are ordered to only see your child during supervised child visitation, you’ve been abusive. This is not always the case. Sometimes it’s because of the type of divorce case you are going through. Supervised child visitation is created in the best interest of the child not the parents. Children do better when they are around reliable parents. Parents that are ordered to see their children only during supervised visitation usually behave better than if they were alone.

Children need to have the guarantee of their emotional and physical safety. A professional handles supervised child visitation. They’re there to help the parent out too. Some of the reasons that the parent without custody is to have supervised visitations include a suspected drug problem, physical abuse issues or alcohol abuse. Various other reasons include being away from your child for long periods of time. Some parents have never seen their child before. In cases like this, the parent that has custody might feel safer having the father/mother of their child be helped through the process.

There are several different ways that supervised child visitation can happen. It may happen in the presence of a neutral third party such as the child’s grandparents. Some parents choose to be in presence of the custodial parent. This can lead up to some serious conflicts so it’s necessary to pay attention to any signs of conflict. Children are very sensitive to conflict.

There are also locations that offer a supervised child visitation program. Volunteers or professionals that understand the supervision process staff these sites. Another professionally supervised visit is done by a mental health professional. As an adult, you’re responsible to make sure your child feels like this is a positive experience for them. It’s about empowering your children throughout the process rather than making them feel like it’s their fault.

There are obvious limitations that you will have during your supervised child visitation; however, your children won’t care. They just want to see their parents. Don’t let your child see your frustration, let them see you be happy. Be happy to see them and embrace the time you have with them. If you have supervised child visitation with professionals, they are sensitive to the situation. They are trained to know what to do. Don’t let their presence hinder your love for your child. Focus on enjoying the time you do have together.

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