What is The Process for Obtaining a Bail Bond?

After a person is arrested, they’re usually given a bail amount they can pay in full to secure their release until their hearings are completed. However, this amount can be incredibly high and can mean they’ll need to get help from a friend or family member to obtain a bail bond. When this happens, it’s important for the family member to be aware of what will happen when they contact a bail bonds company like Free At Last Bail Bonds in Clayton County.

The bail bonds company is first going to explain the bail bonds process to the friend or family member. They’ll explain all of the fees, the amount that’s needed to secure the bail bond, how the bail bonds can be paid for, and the contract that needs to be signed to obtain the bail bond. They can answer any questions the person might have to ensure they understand the contract they’ll be signing. The bail bonds company will also talk about what will happen if the terms of the bail bonds contract are not followed or if the person is arrested again before their hearings are completed.

Once the person understands the terms, they can sign the contract and pay for the bail bond. At this point, the company will go to the jail and pay the full amount of the bail for the person to be released. The actual release could take as much as a few hours depending on the reason the person was arrested and how busy the jail is at the time the bail is paid. Once the arrested person is freed, they must follow the terms of the bond. As long as they do, however, they can remain free until their hearings are completed.

If you’re in need of a bail bond, contact Free At Last Bail Bonds in Clayton County today to get help. You can also visit their website, Freeatlastbb.com, to learn more about how they can help you today. When you talk to someone about the bail bonds, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. They do want to make sure you understand what is happening and how long the process can take so you can be sure you want to obtain a bail bond for your friend or family member.

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