What is Wage Garnishment Murrieta

Two words you never want to be confronted with is “Wage Garnishment”. What is Wage Garnishment? It’s the automatic deduction from your paycheck, that goes towards repaying a valid debt you owe to someone. Creditors are required to go to court and get a final judgement first that proves the debt is valid before they are entitled to collect upon it. The Wage Garnishment Murrieta is one of the means in which they can collect on the judgement.

Filing for bankruptcy should be considered a last resort when dealing with wage garnishment. Some people will utilize this option to put off any judgements and stop activities related to credit collection. However it can end wage garnishment in extreme situations, but should again be used only as a last resort when dealing with this kind of situation. If you can’t pay back your debt, there are other means out there for you to put a stop to the wage garnishment other than bankruptcy.

If you have proof that the garnishment is taking far too much of your income to make it possible for you to settle your financial obligations, then it is possible to put an end to it. You can file for a claim of exemption through court, providing you can prove the garnishment is preventing you from providing your family the basic needs. These can be rent, mortgage payments, groceries, utilities, or other bills and expenses that are necessities.

If you have been stricken with wage garnishment, and are looking for help in putting a stop to it, there are many professionals out there that can give you advice and assistance in defending yourself in court. You should seek out help from a lawyer with the right experience and knowledge, who can help you. Creditors can be very cruel at times, especially when opting for wage garnishment. To avoid this altogether, it’s best to keep an open dialogue with your creditors and explain your current situation backed by evidence.

John P. O’Connell, J.D. will work diligently for you to help you put an end to your Wage Garnishment Murrieta as well as help you find solutions to your overall debt problem.

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