What Makes A Bond Agent In Oklahoma City?

Insurance can come in many different forms. From protecting yourself in a car accident, protecting your home and valuables in the event something should happen to your home, vacation insurance in case you can’t make a trip or the trip was bad, and lastly there is a Bond Agent Oklahoma City that is a form of insurance. The insurance is paid for by a defendant to the bond agent for the assurance that they will make a court appearance when scheduled. In return, the defendant can live a free life outside of prison.

When bail is being set for a defendant, in most cases they can not afford to pay the bill. If family or friends can come up with at least 10% to 15% of the total bond, then they can pay a Bond Agent Oklahoma City to put up the rest of the money to the court so they can live outside of prison until the court date. The percentage money paid is non-refundable and is considered the price to pay for borrowing the rest of the bail money. If court dates are missed, the defendant must return to jail either voluntarily or a bounty hunter may forcibly return them.

A Bond Agent Oklahoma City is different from a bounty hunter. A bounty hunter works for the bail bond agent in an attempt to apprehend a defendant that did not show for a court appearance. Becoming an agent or a bounty hunter requires training and the requirements not only change by state, but they can also change by county. There are even some states that do not allow agents while other states only allow professionals.

In all circumstances, a Bond Agent in Oklahoma City has to have some formal education and licensing as well as the money to pay the courts in exchange for a defendant. The Department of Insurance for your state will be able to tell you the requirements that are set for your particular area. There are nationwide networks of bail agents and regulated technology, marketing and law that make mentoring easy in the business. Underwriting a bail the correct way should not be something you learn the hard way.

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