What Services Can A Client Expect From a Veterinarian Clinic in Roswell?

Clients in the Roswell area can expect services and treatments for exotic animals like ferrets and reptiles as well as the usual cats and dogs. The clinic also provides a boarding service for all animals, including exotic pets.

What Does a Wellness Exam Involve?

A wellness exam is essentially a routine check-up done at a veterinarian clinic in Roswell. While it can vary depending on the species of the pet, it generally includes a physical exam and various laboratory tests. The latter often includes a fecal exam done to check for intestinal parasites. The vet may also perform urinalysis or blood tests. A young and healthy pet will probably need a wellness exam once a year, while a senior pet or one with a chronic condition will probably need one every six months.

Do Birds Need Vaccines?

Sometimes. Young birds, caiques, and macaws sometimes need to be vaccinated against a disease called polyomavirus. This is especially true if they are exposed to other birds quite often. It’s also a good idea to get the vaccine if the client plans on boarding their bird.

How Does a Ferret Age?

A ferret stops growing and is considered an adult when it is four months old. It is considered middle-aged at around four years and is considered old when it reaches six years of age. A ferret can live for up to ten years.

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