What Should I Know When Choosing a Second Parent Adoption Attorney in Chicago?

Becoming a parent can be an exciting process. However, for same-sex couples, it is also extremely important to validate the legal rights from the adoption process. Our second parent adoption attorney in Chicago can offer you the expertise you need in a supportive environment.

What Is Second Parent Adoption?
Second parent adoption refers to establishing the adoptive rights of a second parent to legally adopt a child without the first parent losing his or her parental rights. The non-biological parent will need to seek a court judgment to establish parental rights. We can connect you with a second parent adoption attorney in Chicago from our practice. Second parent adoption usually happens in same sex households where the non-biological parent seeks to validate parental rights. We consult you through the court process and stand by your side during your court appearance.

What Is The Process of Second Parent Adoption?
Second parent adoption usually involves several steps, such as the surrogacy, gestational, and insemination agreements, the home study, and the court appearance. If you are using a sperm, egg, or uterine donor, we can help you during the contract and parenting agreement phase between you and the donor. If your case requires a home study by a social worker, we can advise you through the process. When it is time for your court appearance, our adoption attorney will be by your side at court and can help you with the Order of Adoption process.

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